Fortinet DACH

„Auf der Suche nach erfahrener, zuverlässiger, kreativer Marketing-Unterstützung? Egal ob linguistic review, Roadshow-Lokationssuche und -Durchführung oder simplen Collateral & Event Logistics Support, ich kann Hermine nur empfehlen! Unsere Zusammenarbeit ist geprägt von Austausch auf Augenhöhe und hat schon mehr als einmal zu tollen Marketing-Aktivitäten mit nicht unerheblichem ROI geführt. “

Referenz: Tripwire

„I highly recommend the services of Mensch!Marketing and Hermine Pichler who we depend on to execute all marketing programs in the DACh region. Hermine acts as a true representative of our company, a member of the Tripwire team, and constantly delivers extraordinary results. Prior to working with Hermine, Tripwire found it difficult to gain traction with our marketing messages and programs. Hermine provided invaluable guidance on what tactics to undertake, recommended excellent vendors to partner with, and executed her programs phenomenally. Above program execution, Hermine can clearly articulate Tripwire’s message with outside vendors, partners, and customers. She understands our strategic goals and provides guidance on the tactics needed to have an impact in the region. Hermine’s services have dramatically increased the amount of marketing programs we have been able to execute and directly contributed to our increased lead quality and quantity. Her contribution is invaluable to Tripwire. “